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Ras Shitan, literally translates to “Head of the Devil”

This place, like Siwa and Dahab, is one of the few places in Egypt that are really relaxing .Everything about this place is amazing. The views, the water, the untouched coral reefs, the mountains, and of course the devil’s head itself!

The beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the place is also completed by the style of people that are there, both visitors and workers are all likely minded, all minding their own business and none is bothering the other with whatever they are doing.

Simply just visit this place to stay for a few days without the hustle and bustle of the cities, without anyone annoying you. I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like camping and/or don’t like quiet and relaxed places!

Would you like to spend there a few days? If you were meaning to ask, Ras Shitan is on the Nuweiba-Taba highway in Sinai, Egypt. Less than 10 Km out of Nuweiba.

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