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About Us

Golden Rewards Driving Academy was started June 2012 by Delme and Samantha Petersen. We have been married for 19 years and have 2 children. We had a vision to start something great, something that is customer obsessed and that can make a difference. We brought on-board experienced and certified instructors who is experts at what they do. We are also very family orientated and spends every free moment with their kids Tasha and Liam.


He has been in the driving school industry for over 20 years. He is our Operations Manager/IT professional and is happy to assist you with those technical questions. Delme is 48 years old and enjoys the outdoor life.

He is a hardcore mountain biker and has completed his 16th Cape Town Cycle Tour (Previously knows as the Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour) .

He has a BComm Honours Degree in Business Management from the University of the Western Cape and is looking at furthering his studies at some point.

When he does not cycle, run or hike he enjoys working on computers and loves to spend time with his family.

Samantha Petersen

Meet our beautiful Office Manager. Samantha is warm, energetic and offers hands on service. She is a people's person and goes the extra mile to ensure her clients needs are met.

She loves her children to bits and enjoys to spoil them. In her spare time she loves to do research on topics that interest her and runs a T-Short printing business on the side.

She is a avid reader and considers herself a good baker and chef. She loves animals and is very outspoken about animal abuse.

She enjoys shopping and considers herself a typical city girl although she is warming up to the idea of country living.

Our Team

We currently have an instructor on contract that delivers lessons for Golden Rewards Driving Academy . He's established and has been doing this more more than 20 years. We have come a long way with him and we have built a good relationship over the years.

Driving Instructor
After being retrenched from his permanent job in 2009,Brian started a B.A degree, majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology, which further fueled his interest for love of Language and different cultures.

He completed a Driving Coach Certificate in 2009 ;which included Theory of Driving,K53 (Systems of Vehicle Controls) and Coaching Skills. In 2012 he complete a certificate in Teaching English to Adults (CELTA).

Brian's teaching abilities coupled with his peoples skills and in depth knowledge of the Road Traffic Act makes him one of the best Driving Instructors and a Coach as well.

Our mission is to teach you to be safe on the road – now that’s giving customer value!

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About Us

Golden Rewards Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Cape Town and is arguably the most progressive

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